2022-2023 Attales Year-in-Review

By Dylan S. Staff Writer  This school year has been exciting, interesting and downright odd. We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, and we’ve had everything in between. Now that we are nearing the end, the Good Wolf has compiled a number of events that occurred this year to make a year-in-review.  Aladdin Jr. […]

8th- and 1st-grade student become reading buddies

By Mariam M. Staff Writer On Friday, Mar. 10, 2023, eighth-grade students had their first meeting with their first-grade buddies. This was part of SEL, or social emotional learning. During the meeting, eighth-graders asked the first-graders some introductory questions to get to know our buddies better. Absecon School District Literacy Coach Dr. Horner organized this […]

Attales forms new softball team

By Kathleen D. Staff Writer Emma C. Attales Middle School now has its own school softball team. The team has nine talented players: Kathleen D., Mariam M., Alexa K., Jaiden C., Jade A., Ava C., Ava M., Hannah O., Lilli P., Luna T., Victoria W., and our managers Lilli C. and London T.!  The coaches, […]

8th Graders read to Marsh students

By Talia M. Staff Writer On March 8 and 9, Mr. Broomhead’s 8th Grade High Ability English class read to the Marsh Elementary School students. The Attales Middle School class was put into groups and read a book to everyone’s class.  In the beginning of each class, students were instructed to put their names on […]